Spray Service

GR Painters & Decorators provide a full and comprehensive Spray Painting service. This method of paint application not only delivers superior results on the finish but also significantly decreases the labour costs.

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Intumescent Fire Protection

We can provide Intumescent fire coatings of any specification, delivering either standard fire protection or decorative finish application for steelwork that is to remain visible.

External Render and Pebbledash

Application of Masonry coatings to external dwellings or businesses can be a costly maintenance exercise.

On a recent contract with DLP/ South Lakes Housing we drastically reduced the length of the program by using spray application over the traditional brush/roller method. See the case study below.

Case Study:

A 3 bedroom semi detached house painted the traditional way, was on average taking 3 men, 5 days to complete. Using the Spray application method the same property was taking 3 men 1 day to complete.

Not only were we cheaper per m2, but also saved the client thousands in prelim costs and brought the program back on track after it had been fallen weeks behind schedule.

Watch the video on the right which shows Spray application method and note that all areas are fully masked and protected to counteract overspray contamination.

External and Internal Cladding

External cladded buildings have a tendency to loose their color due to the effects of UV sun penetration to the pigment content within the plastic coating of the steel clad. Over time the color fades producing a dull and unsightly appearance.

Here at GR Painters & Decorators we have a proven system in place that can bring the appearance of any cladded building back to its former glory.

Internally, we have restored numerous factory units and warehouses, which can be seen in the photo’s relating to the work in Wolverhampton and Congleton.

GR Painters & Decorators can confidently deliver a cost effective alternative to the traditional hand painting and labour intensive method of paint application.

So, if you want to give your business a face lift or you just want to enquire more about any aspect of our Spray Painting department then give us a call, all our site surveys are free of charge and if its just advice you need then we are more than happy to help.

HVLP Fine Coat Spray Painting

Gr Ltd offer a High Volume Low Pressure Spray Service that can completely transform the look of metal shop fronts and and framework. This quality service offers minimal disruption as the majority of contracts are performed out of normal working hours, or around the clients’ needs.

Steelwork/metal framework/chrome doors

We can apply coatings to almost every type of substrate from Chrome coated doors to oak veneered wood, metal window framework and structural steelwork.

Recently we were asked to put a specification together for 6 sets of double chrome plated doors and 3 single hardwood veneered doors located in a high rise office in London city Centre. We had already been contracted to spray all the internal window framework on 7 floors of the building, see photo’s

Other contractors were reluctant to provide their services due to the technical difficulties involved in the work, this was causing the client a headache, as it was the final item on a full refurbishment of the whole building. After lengthy consultations with both the client and the technical department at AkzoNobel, we secured the contract to fully refurbish both the wooden and the Chrome plated doors.

Using a Cromadex 2 Pack, black satin finish paint system for both different types of doors we were successful in providing the client with a satisfactory conclusion to a major refurbishment.