Pulse Fitness HQ Congleton Cheshire

GR Painters secured the decoration refurbishment contract for the new Pulse Fitness HQ in Congleton. This contract put time frame pressures on GR staff having to complete the whole warehouse and office areas within four weeks.

We began our task by cleaning down all steelwork and ceiling tiles, prepping and repairing wall areas. All internal wall areas were sprayed using Leyland pliolite masonry paint, a product that bonds well to contaminated surfaces. The main warehouse ceilings were also blown in with the same product, which totally transformed the appearance of the whole building. Steelwork was repainted with Steel and Clad in a “Semi Gloss’ finish and applied through HVLP spray equipment.

The big issue was with the warehouse floor. As you can see from the pictures below the floor was in a very bad state so we needed to bring in the services of “SPE Contracting” surface preparation specialists who were hired to prepare the floor for painting. After some major repair work we applied a sealer coat and two coats of Leyland 2pak WB Epoxy floor paint, which is a product, suited for vehicle traffic such as forklift trucks.

All in all, a difficult contract to complete in the time frame, which we achieved through hard work and extremely long working hours. Contract value £52,000.00