Asda Store External Steel Painting in Perth Scotland

In October 2012 GR Painters were contracted to freshen up the external steelwork to the ASDA store in Perth, Scotland. The work duration lasted for approximately 4 weeks but proved very challenging as the store was open for 24 hours a day and attracted 60,000 customers a week through its doors.

The main steel A frame structure enclosed the entrance to the store so this had to be cordoned off in sections while work was carried out. Pre-planning alongside the principal contractor “HB Contracts” and the store management were essential to provide a safe working environment, not only for GR Painter & Decorators staff but also and more importanlty, the general public.

A pressure wash clean down was carried out to all steelwork and 2,000 panes of glass were individually masked up before we then applied 2 coats of “Steel and Clad” semi gloss finish through HVLP spray equiptment. Both the entrance A frame and the store canopy`s where painted during the contract.
In store work was carried out on the Bakery and Deli ceilings via Airless spray coating.